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I recently restocked some plates and utensils in our studio’s prop room. Entering Muji’s new branch in Greenbelt was a bad idea, I never leave the place without buying a thing or two. Ended up buying a tray, some wooden bowls and heat resistant glass mugs. Merry Christmas to me!

This layout is my personal tribute to Muji for coming up with such amazing products I can never keep my hands off. The Kanji text is supposed to say “Love Muji” but I’m not entirely sure because my Japanese is really just limited to google translate or words they constantly repeat in anime!(lol) Since I’ve been planning to make onigiri for lunch today anyway, I figured it’d be such a waste not to shoot them all together.

Onigiri made out of plain steamed rice is just too bland for me so I made my version with some sushi rice instead. 

Sushi Rice Onigiri Recipe:
1 cup Japanese Rice
2 cups water
1 tbsp sugar
1/3 tsp Salt
3 tbsp rice vinegar
nori sheets

Cook the rice with 2 cups water(you will want it really sticky). Stir the rice vinegar, salt, and sugar together and slowly mix it in with the rice once it’s cooked. Wet your hands and start shaping your rice balls. I filled in my onigiri with store bought salted fish flakes. Some fill it with pickled plums or tuna with mayonnaise. Remember to let it cool down for a while before you attach the nori or else the nori will turn soggy. Enjoy!

<3 Mye

I need to stock up on more sticky rice.

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    dem, those rice balls are so perfectly shaped.
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    I need to stock up on more sticky rice.
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    Got to visit Muji at High Street soon. Or at least before Christmas. I need more erasable and colored pens.
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